Ability to upload MS Word docs

I have a request – the ability to upload MS Word docs instead of GoogleDocs. I don’t use GoogleDocs.




Hello and welcome!

This is a great idea, not going to lie that its a tough programing one, but we need to keep them busy sometimes!

I am adding this to their ‘to-do list’!

Thank you for the input!!


Great, many thanks!! :slight_smile:

Oh that’s great! While I do use gdocs for a lot of things, I use scrivener for my fiction writing, so at this point I have to compile it out of scrivener into a docx file, clean it up, then import it into gdocs, check that it worked, then import into Ream. I’d be lying to say it’s not a pain. Any way to smooth that process along is appreciated!

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I just want to add my support for this. Alternatively, add the ability to upload an epub instead. I won’t use Google Docs for my writing any more since they’ve stated they’ll be using G-content to train their AI.



Not to derail this discussion, but can you share references regarding this?

From what I can find, Google has only said it’ll be using PUBLIC data for training it’s AI. My company (one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world) uses Google Drive to store confidential data, and I’m sure they’ll aren’t the only ones. I don’t think these companies would be sitting by while their data is being used for AI training. (Actually, I know they wouldn’t because we’ve had discussions about what we are and aren’t allowed to use AI such as ChatGPT for)

Here are the articles I found that reference what Google said, including quotes from Google:

If you have anything from Google showing that this isn’t true, I’d really like to see it because I use their ecosystem for everything and do not want my stories used for training AI.

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You found more sources than I did. The information came from a private writer’s group and at the time we discussed it I’m not sure it was really defined yet. I see in your articles that it says only public data which offers some comfort (I also have private information on there and I obviously consider my writing private until I choose to publish it). However, I don’t believe them when they say they won’t be using it (much like the first article).

But that’s just me. They bought Fitbit and still say they don’t use my personal data, yet I’m seem to get fed ads based on it. I have little faith that the big tech guys actually know what all of their systems are doing and it’s quite possible that the data might someday be used --in error I’m sure (eyeroll).

In any case, I use Word for school and work. Though it has issues I find it easier and more flexible than Docs. Personal preference.

I’m still uploading Target 10, chapter by chapter and it is taking me hours between formatting it right and then cutting and pasting. I’m hopeful that Ream can integrate a Word upload interface (there must be one that is open source, right?) so it won’t be so painful in the future. And I won’t have to rely on getting a lawyer to read Google’s EULA to see if I’ve implicitly given permission for AI or simply trust them that they’re doing the right thing.


As another request on these lines, I would love it if Rich Text Format files could be uploaded directly, chapter by chapter.

RTF is an open, stable format and every decent word processing program can save in it, including Word. It might be the easiest for a universal ‘upload’ option.


Just chiming in to add my support for being able to import from MS Word WITH formatting. I’m annotating my chapters (in-line so, necessarily, with different formatting than the story text). Like @KimBoo , I use Scrivener, so it’s a MAJOR pain to get that formatting into Ream. Multiple, multiple steps!

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