Audio book! Video and images

Can we get the option to add audio files (at least one per chapter) and embed videos (Youtube embedding, so no server space required) such as video audiobooks in our chapters.

What about images? (Perhaps restrict the number of pictures to max 3 per chapter?)


I’d like to second this. As an audiobook enthusiast by necessity (having energy-limiting disabilities has taken the joy of reading print books away from me for years) I would love to have the ability to add audio in the future. Since I’ve been dabbling in digital art (and making my own book covers) I would love the option to include images as well. One of the projects I have in the works is writing short stories based on my artwork, but that doesn’t make much sense unless I can actually include the artwork.


I know it’s been mentioned before that images are in the backlog, but just putting out there that this would be awesome.

I want to create a “story” that’s extras about my characters and worlds, with character images, floorplans, maps, etc.

I like the idea of audio and video embedding, too. I also really heavily on audio as a reader, and would love to (when i can afford it) to hire a narrator! However, I’d definitely want that to be an add-on or upgrade, as opposed to being available to my bottom tier readers who get access to everything.

Also, authors should need to confirm that we are the copyright holder or have permission/licensing to use the images, audio, or video.


Being able to add worldbuilding stuff would be good, but there’s already World Anvil for this, which I believe supports Patreon and it’s a small indie company similar to Ream. Perhaps it would be possible for Ream to integrate with WorldAnvil too, and allow subscribers access to your private World Anvil page - it’s basically a highly specialised Wiki.

Ream can’t realistically duplicate their features, but if they’re open to integration that might work really well. It may also be a source of discovery - I think (but can’t remember) that you can have both public and subscriber content on World Anvil and that they have some discovery. If that is correct, you might pick up subscribers who find you on WA, come to get the subscriber only content, and might even want to roleplay in your world (which is to say become a super fan).

Otherwise, we could just put up a book on Ream with embedded images, which isn’t nearly so sophisticated but would be simpler.


Hmmm, I like the idea of integrating with a wiki but I, for one, do not like worldanvil and use legendkeeper instead. There might be authors who use their own self-hosted wikis. Maybe down the road Ream can develop an API that can be integrated with multiple services?
But in the meantime, being able to include simple things like images and audio and/or video files in stories would be great.

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Hadn’t heard of Legendkeeper, but sure, if it can be linked to it would be useful. I don’t see anything on there to suggest you can provide access via Patreon though (doesn’t mean they don’t have that).

My understanding was that Patreon could verify a subscriber should have access to your World Anvil, which makes it a benefit to whichever tier you want to have it. If that’s the case, and if Ream could get access too that should be comparatively easy (since WA have already got an implementation). Legendkeeper may have something like that in the works too, it’d make sense for them to be copying features from WA.

I know the creator of LK is looking at that ability with patreon, I should get over to his discord and ask him to consider Ream as well.

Yeah - no idea how it’s done but knowing there’s more than one place you might want to link to probably helps the developers. And WA & Legendkeeper both want authors to subscribe to them, so hopefully they’ll want to link up with Ream too.

For those who can put up a bunch of worldbuilding exclusively for subscribers, it’s a great benefit.

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Audio embeds will make the site even more accessible so I’m all for it!


audio embeds hasn’t released yet, has it?

I would love audio embeds. I’ve just started recording my books, and would like to offer them in a separate tier.


I’d also like to do audio and video updates in the community tab. Again, I’m ok with linking to unlisted YouTube videos to make this happen, but it would be easier with embedded audio.

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Hi worderella!

That would be a great feature update (embedded audio) when we add audiobooks to the platform soon.

I’ll be sure to add this to our feature request list for the engineers’ future consideration.


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