Better messaging between "chapter not yet published" and you're not at the appropriate tier.

The main issue is the next unpublished chapter has the message that it is not yet published and to check back later. This is fine if the reader will have access but doesn’t make sense if that chapter will never be available to that tier.

I’d prefer just one message at the bottom.

The user I viewed this with is not on any tier.



We will work on making this better. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I totally agree with you.


I was wondering if we could have some slight customization with this message. For instance, some of my Ream library are published books. I have the first 5 chapters free to the public, the first 10 free to my lowest tier, and fully available to remaining tiers. It would be cool if I could push people to either upgrade their tier or push them to my Shopify/Books2Read link so they can grab the full copy for themselves. I don’t want to force people into higher tiers than they can afford.

I could imagine having metadata for titles behind the scenes including a buy link that could appear on the “keep reading” message.


That is a very interesting recommendation and I think could be really fun. There could be a default CTA that Ream generates for authors, and then a customizable one that authors could use that could include a custom link/action and different text that the author wants there. I really like this!