Can we use a Follower Link inside chapters?

Hey, is there a way to send an instant link for a Follower signup from elsewhere on my Ream?

For example, I have a book that’s free for Followers (my ‘taster’), and I’m adding a welcome letter before the book begins which explains, among other things, that they need to sign up as a Follower to read it. Is there a way to give them a link to the Follower signup from inside a chapter? It should be a simple link, right?

Hi Kevin!

Thanks for the great question! While we have links to share stories, chapters, posts and pages, we don’t currently have one to directly link to the Follow button.

What we can recommend to authors is to make the first few chapters of your story free, and then add an author comment at the end of the last free chapter, to invite readers to follow you or join the tier attached to the story to read more.

Please let us know at if you have any more questions.

Support Team Lead