Categorize or tab the reader alert experience

I’m following a couple of authors to see what the reader experience is like. The updates listing could use a little help. I immediately wanted chapter updates separate from the community updates… Community updates get my attention first because they’re the interactive part. I also wanted to know which items I’d already looked at…

It would be great to have simple filtering by author, and notification type (chapter published, community post) and status (read, unread).


I love all these ideas!

Especially filtering by author because I check my favorite author almost every day, whereas I check other authors when I get notifications.

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And, sorry for the bulk chapter release :blush:

But, yes, that makes sense.

Haha! Sorry I didn’t mean to imply anything bad, I was just looking at the experience and thinking that the experience needs filtering and sorting regardless of author or community behavior. My day job is in UX (specifically search engines and enterprise solutions) so I’m obsessed with the ability to slice and dice data, and to personalize a customer’s experience.

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It’s handy to see what it looks like from the “other side”. These early days are all for learning, eh?

As the memberships grow people will definitely want read/unread status. Also, a release datestamp might be useful in the long run.

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