Collect bookmarks!!!

So, I know this will be a “down the road” suggestion, but I want to put it out there to manifest.

If a “Manual Bookmark” becomes a thing, and it’s a visual item, why not collect them!

As an author, it creates an extra digital content to create if we have it author centric and not per book. Cause if it’s per book, those could add up quickly… But still good for the idea.

As a reader, it would be so neat to collect little tokens (bookmarks) from all the authors I’ve subscribed to! And perhaps if I had a profile others can view, I can display some for others to be like " Oh that one is cool! Where did you get that?!" Click on the bookmark and it will say the author/book it came from!


Hi Maxwell,

This is such a great idea! I’ve added your suggestion to the engineer’s list to be considered for a future update.

Support Team Lead