Community Post tier change

I would like the ability to change who can see certain posts. RIght now I have to delete and rewrite it if I want to change who can view a community post


Yes, this! So glad that we can now see which tiers received the post, would like to then have the ability to add/change the tiers if I forgot someone.


I’ve run into this exact limitation today! I am not looking forward to deleting and reposting everything. :sweat_smile:


We will be adding this soon!


I’m asking the same question. Right now, all my community posts are PUBLIC and I want to change that, but there is no way to do so. I don’t want to have to delete and re-post these documents. Way too much work.

Is REAM still working on gving us the options to change/add/delete?

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Hi AnaERoss!
My name is Bobbie and I’m part of the Community Support Ream Team. I may be misunderstanding your request (and please correct me if needed), but there is a way to direct your community posts to the public, followers and specific tiers (or any combination of those.
Just go to your Community Page, and when you click on "Post in (author name’s) Community, a pop up window should show for your new post. The upper left side has a required field called “Visible to:”, and when you click on it, it shows the options of where to post. You can choose one, some or all options.

(not sure if this image is showing)
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact my team at Thanks!


To reply to your second question, you can Edit or Delete community posts using the 3 dots, however, you can’t adjust who can view the post currently. That is still being developed by our engineers. Thanks!


Thank you so much, Bobbie. I will follow your instructions and see if it works. Have a great day!

I need this! I posted a whole bunch of community posts with short stories and other content that is meant as a benefit. But then I created a fourth tier. I can “edit” and “delete” but neither of these options allows me to change which tiers can see that post. It’s lead to a lot of deleting and reposting. Which is fine right now while I have no subscribers, but I anticipate that this will cause me to never add another tier once I do start having subscribers because I wouldn’t want to spam the notifications of older subscribers or have three posts with the same content to account for newer tiers. Please allow us to edit which tiers can see a post after it’s been posted.


Any update on when this will be possible?


I could reaaaally use it right about now. :sweat_smile: :pray: