Community Posts: Scheduling & Image issues

Hello Ream Team,

Two questions, if I may:

  1. Thanks for the community post scheduling feature. Great initiative and welcomed. I scheduled a couple of posts and would like to change the dates and correct a few wording issues, but I can’t find them. Where do scheduled posts go? Is there a way to access these posts?

  2. I see from other comments that community that not all images show up in the email triggered from a community post. Is this true? Has a solution being found? I ask because my community posts are heavy with pictures of towns/settings of my stories. I’d hate to think the post emails are stripping images.

Thanks very much.


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Hello Tikiri!
For 1. You can make edits to existing community posts by… Make edits to posts after scheduling and view all your scheduled posts.

Now that you have pressed schedule, you can navigate to the top of your Community page to view your scheduled posts.

Just press the three dots next to the bottom where you create new posts. Then select “View Scheduled Posts”.

Here you can see all your scheduled posts. And if you’d like to edit the content or release time of your posts, just press the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post and select Edit.

For 2. We are working on putting images inside emails in Ream. We have a solution and have been planning to implement it, it’s all just about time. Knowing this is important to you makes it a higher priority for us :). For now, readers can go into Ream to see any of your images inside community posts. And we are working on further improving email customizability so that authors can use Ream more and more like a newsletter. We aren’t there yet, but this is coming!


Hi Ream team,

Thanks so much. I found the scheduled posts! That was super helpful. Always appreciate your awesome and fast replies and service.

Related question re images: When I open one of the scheduled post, I see tiny boxes in lieu of the photos/images I posted. I don’t want to mess with the post and make things worse. Did the photos I added get removed somehow? Do I have to re-add them?

Here’s the screenshot - attached. Hope it’s visible to you.

Thank you so much.