Deleting tiers makes their community posts public

I just checked my community feed and had a massive panic. I do separate art posts for my paid tiers, some of them containing big spoilers for the setting of my next book, which I am very purposefully keeping close to my chest and not sharing with the public. All my art posts bar the latest were showing as public, including the most spoilery one of all.

By the fact that Public was listed in the tiers at the bottom of the post twice, I realised how this had happened: I used to have two private placeholder tiers for higher tiers I wanted to introduce later. I posted things to them so that when I introduced them, all the correct posts would show up for subscribers. Afterwards, though, I changed my strategy and deleted those placeholder tiers. It appears the posts then replaced those tiers with ‘Public’ when it came to who should be able to see them.

This isn’t a problem people are likely to run into often, but it’s a massive problem in my eyes. I can’t modify the tiers an existing post is shown to. I know this has been suggested, so you might be working on it, but even if I could do that, I wouldn’t want to do it for every single thing I’ve ever posted to deleted tiers. I had to settle for deleting my past posts and maybe posting them at a later date, which is a bit of a shame for subscribers who might have wanted to scroll back in the history.

Could this please be fixed so that deleting a tier deletes those tiers from posts rather than reverting them to Public?

Screenshot to show the duplicate Public listing:



I’ve messed around with my tiers quite a bit, including deleting tiers, so I just checked on my older posts. My locked community posts don’t appear to have reverted to public or added public to the list of tiers who have access to it.

Not sure if this is useful info for troubleshooting, but figured I’d share just in case it helps.

I hope this gets solved soon. Definitely a scary one, since sometimes I share things to my supporters that I’m contractually not allowed to make public.

Sorry I didn’t read this sooner! I will notify them ASAP. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. Deleting tiers should not make the content public, AND making things public should ‘technically’ remove it from tiers so it wouldn’t be listed as such in your screenshot.

If you have issues that make you panic like this, please reach out directly to the tech support email as that gets checked several times daily.


Thank you for passing this on! And sorry I didn’t send an email – I must have been panicking enough that I forgot that route existed :sweat_smile:

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