Easy way to downgrade from $$ to follower

I’d like to provide some readers with a month free of my Ream subscription. I know that many of them will likely cancel their subscription, but I would hope they would remain on as a follower.

Currently, it looks like when I go to cancel my membership, it will kick me out completely and not keep me on as a follower.

It would be nice if the app asked users “would you like to remain a follower?” And maybe gives them a little info about what that means.

This is an opportunity for readers to stay engaged and potentially realize what they are missing. And hopefully would funnel them toward becoming paid members.

This is especially useful if someone is having money issues and just needs to take a month off. They should be able to easily upgrade back to a paid tier once they’re ready.

If this already happens, the messaging should be clarified so that people who are unsubscribing know they will continue to get emails.

But I still think it would be best if users got a choice.


Love love love this. The platform should be doing everything it can to maintain any level of engagement, and encourage up- and down-sells.


Has this question been answered yet. I am about to offer some free membership to my subscribers for participating in a survey and want to make sure this is possible. Also, would I be charged for their memberships?

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