Exporting Manuscripts

Hello All!

I’ve looked through the user guide, but I didn’t find anything.

I’d like to start annotating my chapters directly on Ream. This will be the only place I plan on marking my manuscript, so I’d like to be able to export it when the manuscript is completed or by chapters.

Is this already a possibility?

Thanks for all your hard work. You’re all doing an amazing job.

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Hi Denise,
Thanks for your great question, and you can absolutely use the chapter section of a new story to write your chapters.

You would do that like you would start any other story, except instead of pasting an already written chapter, you would write it like any other program, and be sure to save it before navigating away from the page.

Then when you wanted to upload the chapter(s), you’d simply go to the publishing tab, and either schedule or manually queue and then upload them to go live.

You can check out our guide here that has Michael’s ‘live’ tutorial: Ream Help Center | How to Publish and Schedule Chapters on Ream


@Denise_Baer There’s the ability to import (as Bobbie mentioned), but there’s not a way to export stories or comments, as far as I know.

Out of curiosity, are you planning to annotate inline or with comments?

Thanks Bobbie. I actually mean export my manuscript with mine and other people’s comments from Ream to my computer. If I’m only commenting on Ream, I’d like to be able to export my entire manuscript with all mine and my community’s comments to my computer.


I started annotating through comments. I publish the chapter, and then click on the plus sign to comment. I figured inline would be too distracting to readers.

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