Follow an author ("free tier")

Since a brand is all about building loyalty, I’d like to see a feature that would allow a user to “follow” an author. It would notify them when Public updates are made and start building that relationship. The goal would be to provide value and, through time, incentives to then join a paid tier.

It would effectively be a “free tier” since they would have access to everything Public.



A free/public tier is something Ream has talked about before and something along those lines is something that will eventually come to the platform.

Follow/pin/bookmark an author is also something we’ve talked about, though not directly paired with a free tier, and is something Ream is looking into in the future.

We’ve got a giant list of features big and little, we just got to set priorities to get the big things out first! Like custom emojis! :smiley: (Kidding)


Our goal is to roll following authors on Ream out in the next 6 months (and hopefully by end of summer). We are super excited for it! And I agree completely with your recommendations :). Thank you for this awesome feedback!


Yeah, the lack of a free tier is one of the biggest things keeping me from launching.

I’m serializing my first draft to find my readers before I self-publish. Until then, I would like to keep the first draft free and offer subscriptions as more of a tip jar or like, a PBS fundraiser. Free tote with a $10 donation! :laughing:

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To be clear, you can still make chapters free/public on Ream. And your readers can read them. You just are unable to have readers follow you on Ream at the moment, what many authors in the community deem a “free tier”. However, even without the ability of readers to follow you (this is coming soon) you can still post and they can read content for free on the platform.


Yes, I didn’t explain that clearly!

Currently, I have a small clutch of (very) dedicated readers on another site, some of whom have been with me since 2017. Ideally, I would love to migrate them to a free tier on Ream, where they will continue to have access to the story and also the community.

In future, I might retire the free tier and require all newcomers to subscribe at the lowest level.

Another option would be gift subscriptions or coupons, but those both sound more complex than a free tier?


Came here to mention the same thing, as I’m offering some thinly veiled fanfic free for public consumption. For authors like me with zero paid subscribers, allowing people to follow us for our “free tier” would help introduce new readers to our work - and keep them coming back instead of forgetting about us.

I’d like to be able to follow my fellow authors as well to see who I might eventually be able to afford to subscribe to on a paid tier.


Gifting subscriptions and coupons are on our roadmap too! And I’m happy to report that the team has moved up free tiers and following to the very top of our roadmap. There’s a lot of cool features to launch a part of that, but you can expect that certainly over the next few weeks and couple months.


This is coming very soon! Next up on the roadmap :).


Yay! Love how responsive y’all are to requests. <3

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Is there any update on adding a free tier? I’m setting up my subscription and assumed I could do a free tier that would let readers follow me and get certain benefits just for signing up (but without a monthly payment).


Yeah I would love to get some of my Wattpad readers to sign up on my Ream page, so I’ll need to be able to let them follow me for my free stories. It puts them further down my sales funnel.

There is the “public tier” option.

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We know. We’re asking for a free tier so readers have a way to follow us for free and we have the option of giving them something (access to certain stories/chapters, etc.) just for following us even if they’re not paying. Currently non-subscribers can read our publicly published chapters but they can’t follow us and get notifications when we post a new thing.


Currently non-subscribers can read our publicly published chapters but they can’t follow us and get notifications when we post a new thing.

Yes. This is exactly the issue regarding what is currently possible and what we are asking for.


I am aware there is a public tier, I’m not interested in making my newsletter cookies public. I want a free tier so that readers can follow, get certain updates and freebies (all in return for signing up). It looks like I will have to investigate Patreon instead, which I understand does allow a free tier.

This is something we are working on adding within the next months. When we go live with this we will be enabling it so that authors can garner the emails of all their followers so they can email them separately, off Ream, if they’d like.

On Ream, we will be adding the ability to have something public (so for everyone) or for followers only (which are free members who have given you their email, but may not be a part of a paid tier)


Heya, Ream Team!

Is there any new information on coupons/gift subscriptions? Following is a fantastic option – THANK YOU! – but I want to make sure my loyal longterm readers get the good perks!


Hello Arden

If you write into the tech support email with the details of your desired coupon/gift, they will get it setup for you! main details.
Value of discount, $10/100%off?
Length of coupon, 1 month/256 years?
How gets it, exact accounts/for new subscribers?

So, 50% off for 4 months applied to
100% off 1 month for new subscribers? something like that!

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Is there an estimate on when this could be self-service (i.e. available via our dashboard or something)? I’m thinking about having a cross promotion with other authors who are willing to give a free month or something just to help increase our potential readers but having us all have to email with instructions and codes to set it up seems like it might be clunky and frankly too much work for some to do.