Follow up on scheduler time zone

Just saw the answer for this solution and wanted to get some clarity.

It’s stated that the time zone is always the device, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I schedule chapters to go out at 12:00am Sunday

I save that, but then in the schedules section, it appears as Saturday at 5pm (which is Sunday 12:00am UTC).

This indicates to me that while the Schedule section may be in my local timezone, when I select a time to create a new schedule, I have to enter the time in UTC.

According to the post linked to above, everything should be in local time, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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Coming here to add that since closing that thread, I have noticed that there’s a one-hour discrepancy on new schedules compared to the time I set. I thought it was because it wasn’t recognising BST or something and was just using location, but if it’s five hours off for you, maybe it is defaulting to UTC.

Many on the features on Ream default to whatever your computer time is, but having a 1hr difference is weird.

We are trying to finish up a whole new scheduler system with 10x more clarity thanks to comments like this. I’m sure there will be a proper announcement when its 1 month away.

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