Follower count on Dashboard?

Is there any way to see a follower count easily? In my dashboard it says 0 members because I have zero paid members. If I click “view more” I get a list of zero members because followers isn’t automatically selected like the other tiers. I have to go in, click “followers” to see the list of followers.
On the Dashboard can you add the number of followers next to the number of members? It’s just so depressing to see zero, and since there is no notification of new followers it’s just a pain to go keep checking (am I the only one who obsesses about checking?).
Anyway it seems like it’d be something easy to add.


Agreed! I check my followers daily because I can’t customize a welcome message to them, so I’m emailing new followers manually.

It would be great to have the number easily accessible and extra points for in-app notifications of new followers/supporters.


…I didn’t realize there weren’t notifications for followers. I checked manually recently and saw I had two from earlier this month. For a while I just saw the zeroes and didn’t think to check the filters.


Definitely agreeing with this one!


Yes please, we need a follower count in the dashboard as well as the option to get email notifications of new followers. I hope this feature gets added to the roadmap