Front and Back Matter Included in Stories

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So, does anyone include front and back matter in your stories/books, or do you delete them and just offer the stories to subscribers since that’s all they signed up for?

Thanks much!
Ana E Ross


I include some of the front matter but not all. But I’ve been thinking of adding more. Interested to see what others have to say!

Things I include:
Front - pronoun guide
Back - link to the next story in the series

I’m thinking of adding the copyright info at the back, just to cover my bases, and a link to the story where I keep at the additional info about the series.


I don’t include front or back matter. My stories and chapters are in rough draft, and in time, I hope to see some comments from my community that will help shape my novels.

Once I publish any of my material, I’ll definitely have front and back matter, and most likely include my members in the acknowledgments.


I generally don’t include front of back matter here, but I did include an appendix with information about the fantasy language one character speaks in the story but I put it on a higher tier.

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Great question, I thought about that too.

I don’t include front or back matter. I’m anticipating a reader wanting to jump right in, especially if they’re reading for the first time and have just gone through the whole sign-up process.

Back matter is different, but I’d rather once a reader is clicked into a story, I deliver them only the story. I can keep in touch with them (like snippets from my back matter, say) through the community section. Post a highlight from my catalog and talk about it.

Funny thought: Front and back matter are not for the anointed readers who sign up for my Ream or Patreon; we’re on better terms than that. Too huckster, if you will. Back matter might get skipped, but if I post about how great readers respond to some specific story I wrote, and put it on the Community Board for them, I’m thinking they will pay much better attention. This is me telling them, not some list of titles.

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We broke out the additional materials into their own book, the Travel Guide, including character lists, map, and more extensive content warnings. Then at the start of the main book, we linked over to those. I’m hoping that strikes the balance of accessible but not distracting.

Down the road, we’re planning on adding more ephemera such as a full copy of song lyrics, new articles, etc.


Books while I’m writing them – no.
Books already written – yes. Readers won’t always know they can go find the info in a different place and might not click over if they did.

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For completed books I’m making available on the platform, I include the front matter and back matter, EXCEPT: I move the copyright page to the very end. Also, I adjust my “note to reader” to remove CTAs that aren’t relevant to a superfan who’s already part of my fan club.

For stories-in-progress, I may include an introductory page of some kind (especially for collections), but otherwise, no.


You are so right. I’ll leave mine in the back matter only. Thanks so much!

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