Greater Financial Transparency/Metrics?

Having moved from Patreon to Ream in the past month, the user experience is excellent, but I’d love to see a greater degree of information available (without having to do a ton of legwork) on the financial stats for my author profile.

At the moment, unless I’m missing a feature, the only ‘Statistic’ you can see is the amount of money available to withdraw and the amount still pending. This leaves a lot to be desired, and in specific, I’d very much like to see the following information added:

Total estimated monthly income (Adding up all my subscribers and giving a rough dollar estimate after fees)

A breakdown of income by source (How much am I earning from each subscription tier?)

This isn’t a financial metric, but it’d also be nice if I could see a breakdown of how many subscribers I have at each tier without needing to download the csv and manually sort/count

How much am I getting from the affiliate program? Right now I can see who’s used my affiliate links, but I have no way of knowing how much I’m getting from those signups.


Hi there!

Analytics is one of the most popular suggestions/ requests being made by authors, and is a high priority for our engineers.

All you’ve suggested and more will be coming in a future update. I’m not sure that information was available on your previous site during their first year, but we’re creating those tools for you as quickly as we can!

Thanks for your patience. Storytellers rule the world!