I find the "Short Decription" for each story is too short

The short description in story publishing is way too short.
I’ve never seen a site that cuts the log line down to 100 characters. The shortest I’ve seen is 400 characters for a short description, and most log lines are typically over 250. There’s no room to actually tell anyone what the book is about in 100. I would skip it entirely if I had the option and let the cover sell the book instead. I suggest increasing the size of the “short description.”


I second this. There’s something to be said for brevity, but this is taking it to an extreme.


Literally even another 20 characters would help so much. :pray:



Would love to have 150-200 characters for this.

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I generally don’t use the short description because even my taglines are too long sometimes.


I use it as the Ultimate Elevator Pitch, but I agree, it would be easier if it was in the range of 150-200 characters.


I’ll echo what @RandolphLalonde said: I’ve been creating taglines for my stories for twenty-two years now, and I’ve never encountered a bookstore or online fiction site that required me to compress my tagline into 100 characters. Amazon shows about 800 characters of the blurb before the “read more” cut. Smashwords/D2D allows a 400-character teaser to be posted. I’ve been checking, and about half my taglines are longer than 100 characters. I really don’t want to have to come up with new taglines for dozens of stories. :confused:

I’m also finding this restrictive as a Ream reader. One hundred characters are usually too short to give me a sense of whether I want to click to see the blurb.

You seem to have plenty of space next to covers for a longer teaser. Would you consider upping your character count to 400, to match Smashwords/D2D? Or at least raise the tagline to 200 characters, as the above folks have urged?


I’m wondering if this was really meant to be 100 words instead of 100 characters?


Please make this longer, as requested. I have so much trouble with this.