Improved reader experience regarding story updates

As a reader, it would be great if I could see when a story was last updated, or when the last chapter was published.

Better yet, it would be great if it listed how many episodes/chapters I hadn’t read yet!

Another idea would be to visually denote episodes/chapters that I haven’t started reading yet.

Currently, when I read, I find it difficult to figure out exactly where I left off. The auto-bookmark feature is hit or miss for me, especially since I go back and reread things quite a bit. My favorite author changes the title with the date last updated, which is helpful, but these added features would improve my experience.



Thank you for your feedback, it’s important to remember the readers side of things when we’re stuck in author mode!

Unsure when/if it’s about to come out, but we do have an update for reader progression I believe done. To help keep track of where you are at. After it’s out, we’ll keep on eye on it to make sure it works as intended when an author adds to the story. Like really soon, or out by the time I’ve replied to this.

Adding a “last updated on ____” idea is something on Reams do to list. A manual bookmark is something we’re adding to the list as well. We don’t want to be chasing bugs so Ream likes to take the time to make sure a feature is solid before it gets added.

Hope that helps!


This is very high priority on our roadmap. I expect to have a notification center and better visual denotions of chapter updates live in the next 60 days or so! Thank you so much for this feedback!


Looking forward to it! Thanks!

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