Intro paragraph?

I would love to be able to have a short “welcome/here’s what you’ll find here” paragraph on my subscription landing page just above the tiers. Is there any way to add that now? Or could it maybe be something that comes in a future update?


Hi Kikaroase and welcome to the Author Forum!

I’m happy to tell you that we already have that section available to you.

It’s called the About section, and you can find it in the Page link of your author dashboard.

Click Page, then Edit on the bottom right, and then scroll to find the About section. You can add anything you want here. A brief history, upcoming books, and of course your welcome message to your community are some suggestions.

Thanks for the great question!

Is there any way to put that section ABOVE the tier options?


Yeah… While the current layout is efficient for people already familiar with the platform and its purpose, for newcomers, it may be a little off-putting / intimidating to be hit with a hard sales pitch first step in the door without even so much as a Hello first.

I think the entire About section is too much, but I think the new user experience would be improved by a little space for customer service between the “is creating” and the tiers. Just enough for a little “Hi there, welcome in, thanks for your interest!”