Let me schedule using my timezone

The scheduling tool doesn’t tell me what timezone it uses, but from other posts here, it seems like it’s UTC. The fact that it doesn’t even specify the timezone is quite bad, and I would like it to at least tell me what it is so I have a chance to do conversions.

However, I don’t want to have to convert timezones every time I set up a schedule. It’s a pain. Most websites either use my own system time or let me set my preferred timezone. They also do the same for date format so I don’t have to look at the weirdness that is MM/DD/YYYY :wink:

Could Ream please do the same? (And in the meantime while it doesn’t, could the timezone please be explicitly stated on the scheduling page so that everyone at least knows what it is?)

So we recognize this as one of those times we skipped over something thinking everyone would just know, but the scheduler time is always your device time.

The tech team is adjusting a few things with the scheduler and I will bring these ideas to them, I know they were thinking about adding the time zone code, but the rest is good stuff too!


Ah, perfect! I’ll ignore all those people who were saying it’s UTC, then :sweat_smile:

(Another reason why I should have followed myself sooner to check when things actually went out.)

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