Manuscript import issues

I have a manuscript that was in docx format, so I uploaded it to Google and made a copy in Google Docs format. Then I imported it into Ream as a new story and it’s formatting was completely FUBAR’d, resulting in hours of work for me:

  • Links did not import in correctly, and this is a non-fiction work that has a lot of external links in it. I’m having to crawl through each chapter to find and correct links.
  • All internal font formatting was lost, including bold and italics. I’m now also having to crawl through and chase down everything I added formatting to.
  • Text in unordered lists was…erased??? Just gone. Gone? GONE.
  • Images were imported but moved around, shoved to appear in the middle of following paragraphs instead of where they were placed in the manuscript itself.

I am having to go through and match the original document to what was imported into Ream. I suspect this is NOT how it is supposed to work, but it’s what happened.
Something that should have taken me 30 minutes or so to import and verify before publishing is now eating up hours of time I really need to spend on other things. :frowning:

I absolutely can’t import any more stories until I know these issues have been addressed.

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Hi KimBoo!

I’m so sorry to hear this happened. Word Docs (docx or other older file extensions) have a known incompatibility with Google, as they have embedded formatting in their software.

Most times, copying into a Google Doc removes those formatting issues. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with

italics or

  • bullet point lists.

Our engineers do plan to address these issues in an upcoming update, as well as our plan to add the .epub file extension to make uploading easier.

For reference, here’s our format and upload help guide: How to Upload and Format a Manuscript on Ream - Ream Help Center

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