Marketing material for Ream

Is there, or can there be, official Ream icons or graphics we can use in our marketing? I’m updating my website with all the places readers can find my story and all the other ones have an icon or image that readers will recognize. Especially if we’re encouraging readers to use the app, it would be good to have that recognition even though we are “selling” our own brand.


Yes! but give us a hot minute to collect it for you.

This has been a little earworm for a long time, so let us scrounge around and make a proper asset kit for authors to use! We probably already have 75% of what your looking for here and there.

Thank you for the kick in the pants for this one!


Michael already had it done! I just haven’t asked about it in a while…

Here’s the link! Ream Author Media Kit - Google Drive

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Thank you! This is great.

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