Members dashboard issue


The Join Date in the MEMBERS tab shows when a reader joins a paid tier or becomes a Follower. When those Followers become PAID members, the join date of when they started o follow remains.

Though I have all notifications turned on, I don’t get any when I get a paid subscriber - for some reason. I sent a ticket in on this.

But this means, I have to wade through them to see new paid members so I can send onboard them.

It would be great to have a date for when readers Follow and also one for when they become PAID members right on the Members dashboard. Perhaps it’s already there and I’m not seeing it.


Actually, this could be done simply by having a “membership history” note list which could also include the date of any change to the membership, like if they decide to drop to a lower level or move up, etc.


It would be cool for the members if next to their name in the comments it indicated how long they’ve been a follower of any level…