Metadata and notes on edit chapter view page

I would love to be able to see some basic metadata when creating and editing chapters. I would want to see:

  • Date Created
  • Last Updated
  • Date First Published / Scheduled Publish Date
  • Tiers Published To

This could be somewhere between the title filed and the body text area, or above the chapter list that is on the right, or at the very bottom of the page. Being able to see tiers it is published to on the page to edit that chapter itself would save hundreds of clicks. I have a few “bonus content” books and it can get confusing to keep track of which tiers have what “chapters” available. This might even be something that could be added to the chapter list. Below the “Publish” or “Draft” tags, there could be tags for which tiers have access to it.

Additionally, I would like a “Notes” Field. This would not be “Author Notes” or intended for the readers to see. This would be “author eyes only” and would be where an author could leave notes to themselves that perhaps sum up the chapter or something like “reminder: this is being posted on Thursday this week instead of Friday because Friday is a major holiday” or “This chapter is temporarily free to followers: resume tiered access only on Monday” for those of us (me) who like things like that noted in every possible place.

Thanks so much!


Hi Dax!

We apologize for the delayed response, and thank you for the great suggestion!

I’ve added it to our engineering list to be considered for a future update.

Thanks again!
Support Team Lead