Monthly payments are variable

I’ve noticed that my payments vary by a few cents ever month.

For example: $4.00, $4.05, $4.02, etc

Why is that?

I thought maybe it was currency conversion, but it happens for US subscribers, so that can’t be it.

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Hi Gaius,

For US authors, the variations are caused by Nexus and the threshold that varies by state.

I’m by no means a tax expert, and your tax/account professional would be much better able to explain it, but basically, if your earnings exceed the Nexus in your state, then you are taxed on that portion on your earnings.

If you’re a Managed author, we take care of making those payments for you. As a Direct author, you’ll be responsible for paying those fees to your state.

Here’s a very basic list of Nexus by state, for reference: Sales Tax Nexus Laws - Free State-by-State Guide - Avalara

Thanks for the great question!

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