Moving stories over to Ream

I’m asking this to the general writer population on Ream who have transitioned from other sites to here.

did you move your stories in one ‘block’? I.E. moved everything and posted them here all ‘at once’ or did you trickle them over? I.E. posted a chapter every ‘x’ until everything was transferred?

which method do you feel works best to bring over existing supporters/pull new ones in?

I moved all my back catalog into Ream Stories and published them to the appropriate tiers specified in each tier’s details. I had a couple of books that were just about to come out, and I put them on Ream with early access to the tiers that got that and then published them to the other tiers per the level benefits.

Now, I am shifting from writing full books to serials with long arcs. This means I’m releasing a chapter a week for each of my three series to the various tiers. The plan is that when I have a complete arc done, I’ll bundle those up and send them off to editors and let that process run. Then, I’ll release the whole books again with early releases, etc.

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I moved three books chapter by chapter (all in the same session for each book). Then I set up a publication schedule based on levels. That gives me a cushion to work on the next book, which I’m doing now.

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