Multiple Coordinators + Coupons?

Not sure how to word this, but! It’d be great to have a way to have more than one person able to coordinate my account. (For instance, I run a joint account with my co-author, and it’d be great if she could co-admin the account without logging into my account, or if I wanted to task my PA with things, that’d be awesome too.)

Plus coupons! Coupons for incentives would be great, if possible – again, for people like my PA, who I don’t really want to charge for membership.


Not sure if it’s something that’s been brought up before, but I can understand the use for a trusted 3rd party being able to be admin on your account and Ream can look into that for future updates.

As far as coupons go, if you are managing your payments with Stripe, they do have a feature to apply coupons to your subscribers. They are fairly customizable but do require them to be a subscriber first, meaning Stripe needs one payment to get them in the system.

Here is Stripes guide for coupons Discounts for subscriptions | Stripe Documentation

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This feature is only available for authors in Direct. For Ream Managed authors this is unavailable at the moment. In addition, in the future, we will be bringing live both discounts, promotions and free trials into the dashboard for Ream Managed and Direct. Stay tuned for this! Admins and moderators in your Ream are coming this calendar year!


Is this ready yet? I’d like to offer a free membership to a few loyal fans. How can I do that as a managed author?

Great question! You can create a promo code here (it’s live and ready!): Ream Help Center | How to Request Promotion Codes on Ream

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