Multiple pen names

I’m completely new to subscriptions and I’m wondering what the process is if you want to use multiple pen names? If you have two pen names and need to keep the audiences separate, does that mean having two Ream author accounts? Would you also need two Stripe accounts or can two author accounts be linked to one?


Hello, great question! This is something Ream is trying to do in the future. We do don’t know when exactly, seeing as we only have 1 main programmer for everything, and we won’t know details till it’s actively getting programmed.

But yes, It is something Ream wants to do.


Hello, thanks for responding but I’m not quite sure I understand your answer. Do you mean that people with multiple pen names would need two Stripe accounts?

Stripe already has the ability for one account to have multiple ‘stores’ attached to it. So regardless of what Ream does, you only need one Stripe account for all of your revenue streams. All sperate but under one login.

Ream wants to try to do something very similar to facilitate pen names/multiple accounts for one author, but we haven’t started on that feature yet. Their will be some kind of announcement when we have solid information.


Oh, I’m not very familiar with Ream so I didn’t know that.
Understood, thank you very much.


That’s great Patrick, explains everything I needed to know. I wasn’t exactly keen to set up multiple Stripe accounts and it’d be nice to have a future on Ream where you can manage pen names/subscriptions from one backend account.