Notifications are not going to Followers

According to the system settings if someone follows me and they have “Receive emails when one of the authors you follow… Posts to their board” set they should get an email when I post something to my board for their level or to the public. Yes?

Well that isn’t working. I have a few test followers who are just “Follow” and although I have posted to my community board and updated a story they have access to they have not received any email notifications that there has been an update.



Did they check their spam box for the messages?

Yes, they have checked the spam folder. New public posts and public chapters or follower chapters were not sent notification emails.

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Hi Lartra,

As Michael mentioned in reply to your email sent to our Support team about the same subject, he explained that if a subscriber joins a tier using a promo code that sets the price at $0.00, you won’t receive an email notification unfortunately.

Other notifications to Followers and Promo code subscribers is coming soon, but unfortunately our big feature update Discovery 1.0 is first.

If you have any technical questions about your account you can always contact our Support team at

And keep up with our latest plans for Ream here: Ream Help Center | What is Ream working on next? Does Ream have a public roadmap?

Thanks for the question!

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