Option to change/delete "is creating" tag under page name

I’d love the option to either delete or change the “is creating” tag on the author page.

Reason: I have multiple pen names under one banner (“House of York”) and so it’s impossible to create a tag that is all encompassing of my genres but also pulls reader interest. I’d rather have something like “House of York: The home for all of KimBoo’s wild fantasies” or somsuch.


I can understand this, though, ‘House of York is creating all of KimBoo’s wild fantasies’ sounds pretty interesting to me lol


Totally. We can definitely make this change! This is a great suggestion. Thank you so much :).

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Maybe a title and subtitle would be better?

So I could do:
Title - Subtitle
Gaius J Augustus - magical queer stories
Magician’s Club - Home of Gaius J Augustus

(Hopefully both will be searchable soon)

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These will definitely all be searchable, hopefully during Q4 of this year. I like the idea of a title and subtitle a lot. That works better for pages to that aren’t names but instead a collection of authors, an umbrella title that encompasses multiple pen names, etc.