Please allow us to search for authors by genre, tropes and tags

Right now we can search for authors by name, but I think it would be good if we could also search for authors by their stories’ genres, tropes or tags? It would be a great way for readers to discover authors on Ream.


I wanted to bump this up. I just joined Ream and I’m trying to see what other authors in my genre are doing, but I can’t find them. Most of the random authors that are displayed on the homepage are in romance or erotica, which are not my genres and the search function only seems to be for author names.


This update will be out in the next 30 days. We have been working hard on it!


Looking forward to it!

I did quite a few author searches at Ream after the latest Discovery launch, mystified as to why I wasn’t getting results, until I figured out why: the author search only searches the name, not the “is creating” line. The trouble is, the “is creating” line is where most authors put their genres. Could you alter the author search engine to search that line as well? That will make it much easier to find authors who are creating particular genres.


Am I the only one getting 0 results when I search using the keyword “billionaire”? It’s super weird because so many stories (including mine) have that word in the title. I have no problems getting results when searching for other words in titles.

@ansela I also got zero results when searching billionaire.

Thanks for letting us know, I was wondering if it was a problem with my browser or something haha

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