Please let me use "love" as a tag XD

I’m trying to tag my book “love” as it is one of THE major themes of the series – filial love, paternal love, fraternal love, and, very eventually, romantic love – and the system flat out is not letting me. When I try, I get a pop-up saying, “Please use content warnings for that. It will still be searchable.” :rofl:

Silly as that is, I would still do it just to get through my to-do list tonight, but of course, there IS no content warning option for “love” – because why would there be?

Please. It’s a central theme. :pray: :rofl:


Hi again Arden!

If you have questions about why something is or isn’t a genre, sub genre or tag, please read our FAQs (Ream Help Center | Discovery and Story Categorization FAQs) and/or submit a request using the form.

Our team will review your request carefully. Thanks!


I looked over the FAQ, but it didn’t really help – quite the opposite, actually; it kept saying “That’s what tags are for!”

This is maybe a bug…? Again, the system will not let me tag a story with “love” – or with “hea” it turns out. It gives me an error that says to add it as a Content Warning instead. But… “love” and “hea” aren’t content warnings. “Loss of loved one” and “cheating” are, however.

After a quick test, trying to add tags for “adult,” “child” and “animal” also trigger the “Add content warning” message. I think the pattern matcher may be over-aggressive here.


This is good to know! I ran into this error when trying to add “action” as a tag (my story is a humorous science fantasy adventure story, so I quickly ran out of genres). But that was a very straightforward problem that I just kind of shrugged off, though it would be nice to let people know my story is action-packed :boom:

I didn’t realize it had so many rules for tags.

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