private message subscribers

I have some followers and I would like to send them a private welcome instead of only doing a group community post


I completely agree with this. I would love to send an individual greeting to every subscriber.

I don’t know if it’s been fixed yet, but I think we still don’t get updated when we get a new subscriber (please correct me if I’m wrong). If I did get notified, I could go check and email the new person.

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Are you direct or managed? There has always been new subscriber notifications for direct authors (that has never been broken). You can turn those on here: For managed authors, this is coming soon. We are adding these updates. Managed is our newest payment method on Ream, so we have been working hard to update the back-end to be on par with direct. Should have that by the end of August. For Direct Messages, this is on our roadmap, and we hope to get to this soonish!


First of all, thank you for sharing that info! Y’all always have a helpful guide for things! I am Direct, not Ream-Managed.

My understanding from looking through my Stripe communication settings (I hate Stripe and find it difficult to find anything there, so I apologize if I missed something) is that the best I can do is get notified for payouts. If I understand correctly, that means that if I have 10 subscribers who all signed up at a different time of the month, I’d get 10 emails every month.

Honestly, even if they were all consolidated into one email a month, that’s still not equivalent to an email that says “X ( just signed up for your Ream at the Y tier!”

And Stripe wouldn’t email me about followers, right?

An email like the one in quotes above is what I’d be most interested in. I don’t care about emails regarding the money. I log into Stripe once a month to check on my financials and make sure everything appears correct.

What I care about and currently don’t have is a notification about who my new follower/subscriber is so I can create that personal connection with them by sending them a message.

Extra points if those notifications were within Ream and I could send them a direct message within Ream straight from the notification.

Maybe I’m weird. I know other authors refresh their $$$ reporting dashboards all day, but I’m always refreshing my member and engagement pages and rarely look at the $$$ :joy:

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Adding on to this: I got my first follower for Ream recently, and I wanted to send a ‘welcome’ message to them. But the only way to contact them was via email, and that seemed excessive. I want to send and receive Ream messages in the context of Ream, and not breach that border. For me at least, that feels like the correct privacy level.

So, on the publishing/reading side of Ream, I would like to see Private Messages implemented.


I do like the idea of private messages, but for the OP who wanted to privately welcome each subscriber, I think you can do this now by setting up a custom welcome message per tier. I don’t think there’s a welcome message for the Followers yet, or I haven’t found it.

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This article will be helpful! It’s how you can create a custom welcome message in Ream: Ream Help Center | Creating a Welcome Email in Ream

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I have implemented a custom welcome email, but I think this is where I’m hoping the community tab will get closer to something like a Discord. It shouldn’t just be me yelling into the void, I’d love to have readers contributing posts as well.


Yes, this will be coming as well. Probs closer to a year from now, but yes :).


Any updates on when we will see private messaging for subscribers? Thanks!