Problems with banner dimensions

I’m trying to set up my Ream page and I created a banner that conforms to both the 1600x400 recommended banner size and the 845x400 mobile banner size. Here’s what it looks like:

But when I upload it to Ream, it’s cropped to hell.

What are the proper dimensions for the banner?

Hi perry812, thanks for the great question!

This may take a few screenshots to explain, but tdlr, the resolution dpi/pixels per inch matters. Optimal for any web page is 72.

The dimensions are correct with either the full or mobile banner size.

Here’s a random photo of mine I uploaded that is not the right size for the banner, it will stretch but that’s okay. I chose it so you can see the change. I selected 72 dots or pixels per inch, which is recommended when uploading to the web.

Then I changed Only the dimensions of the photo (width and height) and saved. Pay attention to what the photo looks like now and where the edges are:

Then I uploaded the ‘banner’ to my test page and this is the result:

Same photo, no cropping correct?

It’s an extreme example, but i wanted to show that you can upload a photo to your banner area without it being cropped, by being aware of the dpi, or pixels per inch.

As long as you don’t alter the dimensions (height and width) and change only the dpi to 72 (I suspect your dpi is in the 100-200 range), it should fix the cropping.

If you have further issues with your banner, please contact my team at


Thanks for the suggestion, Bobbie. But my image is at 72 DPI, so that’s definitely not it.


For some reason, it only seems to show up without cropping if I zoom in to 200%. Anything below or above and there’s cropping.

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