Profile or feature image when linking

I wish when we linked to our Ream page from social media that it wasn’t just the basic purple logo with generic title and subtitle. I’d like to see this be either (ideally) our author profile avatar, or some other feature image like a crop of our banner or something.


Yeah, I’ve honestly stopped using any preview features on socmed and use a screen snippet image of my page when I link to Ream, which is a pain honestly. The preview really needs to be a preview of what we are linking too! :frowning:


I am bumping this in hopes of an official answer on this. I kinda don’t even want to share my page if it means putting an ugly generic purple block in my FB and X feeds.


I make my own image and then put the link in the text. The big purple box needs to go!


I’d suggest making a landing page on your website listing the tiers and rewards, where you can control the content and social media preview.

It’s not ideal, since it means one more click the user has to take, but it puts the control fully in your hands.

I like having an image for the post, then link in the text. Neither are ideal, though. Really hoping they give us this feature sooner than later.

This is on our roadmap and we hope to complete this at some point in the near future. No official timeline, but this will be coming.


We are working on many, many features! The good news is that almost everything authors have requested on the forum will be added to Ream sooner than later – 80%+ in the next 12 months. I will make sure we prioritize this feature for sooner rather than later.

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