Provide space for author-specific guidelines & terms

I have community guidelines for my subscription. I put them in a post, but as I make other posts, that post will be difficult to find.

I could add a link to a document as part of the message when new members join, but I was thinking it would be nice to have an author-specific page there we could add things like:

  • Community guidelines
  • Privacy policy
  • FAQs

I typically put everything permanent either in a story or in my Introduction page, but this stuff doesn’t work in either of these places.


I’m pretty sure this has been brought up in the fb group at some point, and I think it’s on the roadmap? In the meantime I’ve created a “story” that is my FAQ, and I have “chapters” in it for things like guidelines and policies. It would be great to have them as a finable “page” in the community section, though.


This is a great work around!