Public and follower scheduling discrepancy

I followed myself the other day to check what notifications my followers get, and I noticed I wasn’t getting any notifications for chapters. This is because I only have a public schedule and separate schedules for my paid tiers, as I set them up before followers were implemented. I think this matches what one of you told me the notifications would currently do, so that’s not unexpected.

My confusion came when I tried to set up a follower schedule so they would get notifications. Rather than picking up from the next non-public chapter in the queue, it picked up from the first chapter. This doesn’t make sense to me, as they can already see all the public ones. I decided not to do that because I didn’t want to sit there hitting publish and send a bunch of notifications for stuff they’ve already read.

Could this possibly be changed so that:

  • Newly created follower schedules begin their queue from the latest public chapter, and
  • Newly created paid-tier schedules begin their queue from the latest follower chapter?
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So I’ve read this a few times trying to think if you are talking about a technical issue or not. The topic of notifications is also a hot button apparently…

When you post multiply chapters at once, it’s just 1 notification. We done a bit of work to avoid blasting people with notifications. Now the public tier does not get notifications currently. Meaning, if you post something to public, no one gets an email and you’d need to let them know another way. Ream is working on this for a near future update, but some authors are enjoying the sneaky posting they can do. Also, not sure if your touching on this, but we have no way to send out an initial email about everything available to them after they follow, it just picks up from where you join.

I will add your suggestions to the new scheduler we are working on, but it may be easier to include those in the “How To” guides for it. It’s basically going to be an all new system, hopefully 10 times better than it is now.

But if I didn’t pick up on something, its probably a tech issue you should report to them.

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So we’re well into the new scheduler release, but this still seems to be an issue…maybe?

I’m trying to figure out how this works: it seems like if I make a “public” chapter I ALSO need to release it to followers, so they get updates? Meaning, “public” does include followers?

Also, I have released 4 chapters to “public,” but when I just recently updated with the fifth installment for followers only (not for “public”), the notif to my followers was that it is the first chapter. It’s very confusing.