Remove limits to pricing

Just as you give authors the freedom to post our stories, I’d like the freedom to price my tiers (minus hard limits such as the $0.30+ fee charged by Stripe).

For example, let’s say I have readers who buy my serial fiction on other platforms (and prefer that platform). Yet all my extras are hosted on Ream. I’d love to have a $1.50 tier for those people, who would be getting no writing content, only the latest updates and the “extras”, which I could put into a Story.

Another use could be a low-cost “support with no benefits” tier, which has no added benefits but allows the user to support an author they love at the lowest level. If I did something like this, maybe I’d send them something every 6 or 12 months as a thank you to build loyalty.

You could still keep your warning message indicating that Ream recommends setting tiers to $3 or more. I agree with that message, but I believe it takes away flexibility and loyalty opportunities.

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Hello Gaius! I think this is a great idea and is certainly something we will consider in the future. We have had a number of authors ask us to remove this $3 limit. We would certainly keep the warning, but it would certainly be worth exploring removing this. We have some things in the works on this, and this is great feedback. Thank you!

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