Reorder Stories on Page

There are certain series that I want to promote more than others, and I’d like to be able to move them to the top of the list at the bottom of my Page without having to unpublish and republish.


I would second this. It would be nice to put all the stories in a series together regardless of when I write them.


I agree. In theory, I like having the most recently updated at the top, but in practice, I’d prefer to have a “Last updated” somewhere and be able to control the order of my stories.

Another idea could be too provide a toggle to a user to select the order they want to see stories in: alphabetical, last updated, order indicated by author.


Oh, I really like the idea of a reader toggle for this! Especially as the number of stories grows, readers might just want to sort alphabetically to find a story they want to re-read easily, but that’s not how I, the author, want new readers to see the page for the first time.


This would be awesome. I want my readers to see the books they’ll get early access to if they join, right up top, right away. My library is currently over thirty deep, and it’ll probably get close to forty by the end of the year.

I’m also writing a series that will be exclusive to Ream. I need that to be the first thing they see.


Has anyone heard back form the Devs regarding this? as far as I can tell, this still is not something we can do

Hi Kindar,

No updates as to when this feature will considered for a future update just yet. I can tell you that it has been added to the engineers’ feature update list, but no time frame has been set.

Of course we let all authors know when we’re releasing new features, and you can always check here as well: What is Ream Working on Next? Does Ream Have a Public Roadmap? - Ream Help Center