Replying to comments on posts in community

It would be nice if we could reply to a comment specifically so the reply that goes to each comment doesn’t get lost. Also, it would be nice if commenters could be notified when someone has replied to their comment.


In regards to this - are we able to see all the comments from readers on a book yet? I am only able to see the latest 10+ plus and I know some are getting lost.

I hoping for a better interface for the comments at some point in the future. (I can wait) but it is difficult via my computer to see what the reader is commenting about - There’s some shifting back and forth.
Because I write in rough draft. Sometimes these helpful comments are editing tips.
Editing from these comments within the current format that we have now for Rheem is very difficult.


I just came here to ask for this update as well. It would be really helpful to reply directly to other’s comments and make it feel more like a community conversation


I agree! The absence of comment threading in the community posts is #3 on my “Ream is not ready” list.

(Free tier/following is checked off the list, so that’s #1 done. Thank you, Ream team!)


I’m in full agreement here. I’m considering spinning up a separate forum because the discussion options here aren’t measuring up.

There is comment threading in community posts now. Unless I’m missing something…?

Screenshot from my latest community post.