Replying to community comments from wrong pen-name

I tried to reply to a comment on one of my community posts when I had the appropriate pen name selected, BUT the comment appears from the first pen name I set up.

I’ll edit with a screen shot in a minute, but I’ve got a new laptop and screenshots aren’t showing up on my desk top like I expected…

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Hi Mel,

Coming in 2024, users will have many more dashboard tools at their fingertips, but for now, our team can help with changing your display name.

Your display name should be associated with that particular page and there should be no crossover. However, I’d love to see a screenshot to be sure we’re talking about the same thing (your page display name).

Feel free to email our support team with any technical questions such as this. We’ll be happy to help!

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Thanks Bobbie,

Here’s a link to my dropbox with a screenshot from the day I made the post. New computer hid where the screenshots were going for me. Took me a bit to find them…then I had to wait for the moderator approval on my post.

I made certain I had the right profile (Mel Woodburn) selected and then responded to the comment in my community. And, boom, April Browne answered. I did it again just to make sure and did a video with my phone this morning. Dropbox - IMG_8732.MOV - Simplify your life