Request to hide unpublished stories from appearing on the story list and searches

Hi! I’ve been browsing through stories on ream and I found a couple of stories that show up on search even though they haven’t been published or are unavailable.

This is the error message I got when I clicked on that first story.

I’m assuming this is a bug? Either that story is available but the error message pops up in error or that story has been unpublished in which case it shouldn’t show up on search results.

I also have a story that is only available for an unpublished tier, and I’d like that to not appear on searches or on my list of books because no one will be able to access them anyway.


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Hi Ansela,

Thanks for asking such a great question.

Yes, this is a bug that was discovered initially by one of our staff members and we escalated this right away to the engineering team.

They’re working hard to resolve this quickly, as we realize that it’s a concern for authors of currently unpublished works.

Thanks again!

Great, thanks! It’s good to know it’s a priority issue.

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