Scheduler still does not work - EDIT: Issue has been fixed!

I had a single chapter of a story queued for posting today at 9am. At 8:46 I took a screenshot showing the chapter ready to go for today. At 9:01 I took another screenshot, the chapter was suddenly set for posting a week from today.

Please, Ream. I don’t care about or want a queue system. A broken queue scheduler is worse than useless. I want the ability to post a specific chapter a a specific day and time. This is a solved problem. I can do this on Wordpress, Reddit, Wattpad, Tumbr, etc.

You don’t have to get rid of the queue scheduler, just please let us set chapters to post individually as a separate option. Right now I can’t trust your scheduler which means I have to post every chapter manually. It’s quite frustrating and I don’t understand how something so basic can be broken.


Hello! Are you sure the schedule didn’t release? The script to run a schedule runs every 3 minutes. This means that if chapters are scheduled to go out at 9 am. They will be released within 3 minutes of that time. In this instance, since the script didn’t run immediately at 9 (it runs every 3 minutes) the UI is guessing when the next chapter is supposed to be released and telling you next week. if you refresh, you will likely see that the chapter has been released and the scheduler looks and works as expected. Is this true? Or is it truly not working as expected? We are always happy to fix issues, but at the moment, it’s not clear that your schedule isn’t working as expected and releasing to your readers on time.

The UI for the scheduler guesses the times of when your next schedule goes out.

The script for releasing chapters runs once every three minutes. So if you didn’t see it release after 1 minute, then I’m not surprised.

There’s a separate script that sends out emails after chapters are released. This runs every four minutes. What this means is that the emails for your chapter may be released anywhere between 1 second to 7 minutes after the time you actually release the chapter.

We run these scripts on a timer of 3 and 4 minutes respectively to ensure that our servers aren’t overloaded with requests.

Fair enough! I will give it until 9:15 before I freak out this week. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, that’s very helpful! It’d be great to see this in a note on the scheduler information, because a lot of sites publish exactly at the time requested.

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Well, it’s 9:15 and my story still hasn’t published. I set the schedule up more than 12 hours ago. I waited for the server to do its thing. It should have had 5 cycles of checking to see if a story needed to publish, and it didn’t publish mine.

What’s the next excuse for why the scheduler isn’t working?

I honestly do not understand how this is so difficult for Ream. This super basic thing works flawlessly on Reddit, Tumblr, Wattpad, Twitter, and my crappy Wordpress site that I built myself.

Ream staff, I’m begging you, let me schedule a single chapter for a single day and time. I don’t want to queue anything! It doesn’t work, it causes me stress, and it makes me look like an inconsistent content creator.

Please! Give me the thing that the web has had perfected since 1998.


Seconding this. For those of us who are writing au currant but not on a strict schedule, we need a way to schedule a post on the fly. I don’t care why you think using “queue” SHOULD work. This is a super basic feature that needs to be an option.

Further, it will allow for posting things on specific days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that will get missed with a regular “queue.”

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It would be cool to be able to, on a per episode basis, set the date it will go live for each tier.

(And I’m still sad there’s no calendar view with color coded updates per tier so I can see what’s releasing to who and when at-a-glance)


Oh WOW that is the DREAM. Would love that so much - I’m a very visual thinker, this would help a lot for things I am queuing and prev. posts.

This would be a nice to have. I’ll add it to the engineer’s list for future consideration. Thanks!

Support Team Lead

It worked! Thank you so much to the Ream tech team for finding the issue. Apparently the scheduler wasn’t compensating for Daylight Savings time correctly.

My chapter from yesterday posted without a hitch, and I’m very happy to be able to say so. :purple_heart:

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