Scheduling only some chapters to a tier

I’ve scheduled an entire book to release to my paid tier at an interval of three times a week until it’s complete. I’d like to also schedule the first ten chapters only to release to followers. Maybe later I’d like to release some to public. But the scheduler doesn’t seem to give that option. Is there a way I’m not recognizing?

Welcome Dahlia!

You can choose how many chapters you want to offer to different tiers for the same story!

For example, you’ll note that the first 2 chapters of this authors’ story are published to followers and their paid tier. Then later chapters are only offered to their paid tier.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to edit a schedule to add or change the chapters offered to different tiers (but it’s coming!), so you would have to delete the current schedule and then create a new one (be careful of your dates), being sure to add in the follower tier to the first 10 chapters.


Hi Bobby, thanks you for your reply. Here’s where it gets difficult for me.

The scheduler doesn’t indicate where I can only schedule some chapters to some tiers. It gives me how often, which tier, which days and how many chapters to publish each release day. As far as I can see if I choose followers and tier one, it’s going to release all chapters to both those groups. Unless choosing more than one tier opens up further options, which is not indicated anywhere, I do not understand how to do it.

Hi Dahlia,

I apologize for not being clearer in my previous post. I should have added that this was not added by scheduling.

Instead the chapters were added to different tiers by manually scheduling. The tier for the book tier (Mythical Monsters) was a schedule for release weekly, but the few chapters released to Followers and the Public were published manually.

This is the workaround when doing limited chapter releases to other tiers. I apologize again for not being clearer.


I’ve got it now. So I can schedule all the chapters to release and then go through after they are released to publish them to followers or the public manually. Thanks so much for sticking with me on that. :slight_smile: