Scheduling options for certain chapters

I would love the ability to schedule only certain chapters with the automatic scheduling button. For example It would be nice to schedule chapter 1 to go public, chapter 2-5 to go to followers and then rest of the chapters to go out to my other tiers without having to come back to click the publish now button when I want it to go live. Thanks!

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You can create a separate publishing schedule for each tier. And you can publish to each tier individually.

Here’s a guide on how to do that: Ream Help Center | How to Publish and Schedule Chapters on Ream

For example, I have all of my tiers set to release one story chapter every Thursday, but I manually published one additional chapter to my higher tier. Since it automatically releases the next episode in the queue to each tier, it knows to release one chapter ahead to my higher tier.

I feel like I’m missing something in your post. Sorry if I misunderstood you.