Series or genre folders

It would be nice to be able to organize things for readers expecially when there starts to be a large backlist on there. I would like to be able to put everything to do with a specific series including bonus content to help my readers navigate my subscription more easily I also think this feature would be helpful for multi genre authors. I know there are tags that the readers can search for, but I like it to look more organized and find it easier as a reader to consume materials when they are physically grouped togeather for me.


I agree with this completely, and mentioned it over in the topic linked to below (which closed because I got trigger happy with the “Solution” button :rofl: ).

I currently have 10 stories on my Ream, but 6 of them really should be grouped together into a “folder” or “collection” because they’re all part of one series. I like the flexibility of the folder idea as written in this post because some people might use it for each series and others might use it for different genre writing. And someone else might use it in a totally different way.

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We are definitely doing this! I like idea of expanding beyond series in terms of the name of it. Hmm, some thinking to do there, thank you for this!


I know this is an older post-- but it would be lovely to be able to create a “reading order list” (I hate to reference it- but like wattpad) – I write in linear series (you have to read the previous book to follow the story)-- and with the stories being out of order, even if I title them correctly - readers have to go hunting for the next one (not to mention the ones I’m updating at the time)— just some additional thoughts on the topic.


I think being able to organize our back catalogues into “folders,” “collections,” or “sections,” (or use another writerly library term of your choice), would be fantastic. I think there’s another post about this too. By the end of the year, there will be over forty titles on my page, so I’d love this. Add the ability to reorder the titles so they appear in the right sequence, and that’s all the organization I need. :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree about the helpfulness of being able to order content in the ways described above. To show how complex these matters can get, these are the layers for my stories:

  • Series cycles.
  • Series within series cycles.
  • Volumes within series.
  • Stories within volumes.

So the more help you can offer writers like us in ordering our stories, the less chaotic our profile pages will look. :slight_smile: