Show author name when viewing book details in discovery

When I search for a story and then select it, but BEFORE I click to start reading, I’d like to be able to see the author’s name with the details about the story. It makes sense not to have this when you’re on a specific author’s Ream, but in Discovery, I’m interested in who the author is (and it could link to their page, because I wanted to do that, too but couldn’t).


Hi Gaius, this has been requested already, and it’s been added to the high priority engineering list for the next update. Thanks!


To add to this, when viewing book details in discovery, it would be nice to have a like button. While I’m browsing the stories, it would be nice if I could click on a heart for “like”, so I can continue browsing. This would also allow readers to try out many authors and their stories.

When the reader is done browsing, they can go to an area on their profile with a list of their likes. They can go through them, read what’s offered for free, and if nothing is, they could choose to “unlike” the story or follow the author.


Oooh good idea. Maybe “bookmark” instead of “like”…? “Add to bookbag”…?


Yes being about to bookmark any story I see in discovery will be great! I want to be able to save stories for later when I can check out the Author and see what their genres and vibes are


I’m browsing around the stories on Ream to check on the discovery process. The popup showing story details when I click on a story cover thumbnail shows the title, story description, tags, categories, etc. but no author name or link to the author page.

This would not be much of a problem if parts of the story are paywalled or require you to follow the author to read because at some point, you’ll find a message telling you to join a tier or follow the author, with a link. However, if the story is entirely free for the public, you never get a link to the author’s Ream or even the author’s name.

This is ridiculous? Why isn’t the author’s name and link to their Ream page on the story details?? I mean, you can probably get the author’s name on the cover image and do a search, but why make us go through all that when you could just put a link to the author’s Ream on the story details. (In one instance, I did a search for the author, but there was no result, so I’m guessing the Ream was under a different pen name, which means I will never be able to find that author’s Ream page.)


Totally agree. This and the NSFW images showing up no matter what the mature setting is (or if someone isn’t logged in) are high priority for me. Not sure the Ream team understands how this impacts authors.


Please please please show the author name. I have a story set as public and it’s one that I don’t have available on retailers so if they complete they story and do an internet search trying to find my name, they aren’t going to. I’ve also read free stories and then been completely at a loss as to how to even find the author to follow them.


Hi Ansela!

I just saw your comment about no author name on a book’s details page.
I’ve double checked and not only is the author name there, but you can click on their name and be taken directly to their page. Please see below.

Let me or my support team know if you have any other concerns!
Support Team Lead

My comment was made 2 months ago. The author name did not appear in the popup story details at that time. I’m aware it’s there now, I’m assuming it’s because we asked for it.


Hi Ansela,

Yes, that’s right! The original creator of this thread, Gaius suggested this and we released in an update.

Unfortunately I didn’t update this thread when we did update as it was released in a bundle with another major update. I apologize for not keeping everyone informed.

You can keep track of updates, released and upcoming features here:


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