Some navigation features and experiences

I just did a bit of reading, first chapter of a book and I have made a list of things. I’ll only list a few here.

On the notifications tab I’m not sure how best to mange it but the next chapter for me to read in a release can be buried under the notifications of all of the latest chapters. Maybe notifications from a story can be bundled. Even more advanced and I understand the issues behind that can be a trouble to implement but my next relevant notification in a series could be pushed to the top. I’m only following 2 authors right now and my notifications list is quite long.

Maybe thats a TBR favorite and it only works on a limited number of active books that I get to see where my progress is and what’s next and the other notifications can be pushed down in priority. Ie let me read what has my interest and when that’s marked finished or bookmarked a popup can be like. A lot has been going on with your favorite authors you might be interested in reading these stories.

One bug on the iphone is I get a black screen and an error on loading from the shortcut. It takes multiple refreshes to get it to load.

Also when I’m in a book I have to scroll quite a ways back up until the nav window appears to get back to dashboard. And when I’m dropped into a book and do that maybe under my banner a second line could be added with the author and the title of the story I’m in.

Most important as I think it’s a big part of a difference with Ream. Maybe a tutorial to encourage posting your first comment to the author on a piece. I think readers will need encouragement to form that habit as Its such a new idea.

Overall great start and loving the hardwork that’s been put into it. I can’t wait to see how it evolves and wanted to provide my feedback as a reader.
I think most of my comments above focus around navigation and experience. I want to it to be easy to get to the story I want to not be overwhelmed with notifications and I feel that the platform should be as seem less and assistive in that experience.