Tier and Chapter Formatting keeps changing

I’m having a lot of issues with formatting. When I copy and past in from my works or documents the formatting does things that look like:

  1. adding columns, which once it starts I cannot stop or remove.
  2. very odd indenting and paragraph issues
  3. for my tiers I have bullet lists of benefits, but if I edit the page the bullet lists collapse and then get tangled together. When I try and fix this I sometimes get the columns effect. It is like there is some RTF formatter under the hood that is trying to help but since I don’t have the toolbar with all the controls I can’t go remove or clear the formatting.

I would really like some help with this. I’m open to doing a live share to demonstrate what is happening.

Here is a picture of one of the tiers from the page, and then what I get when I click edit.

Also is a picture from one of my chapters where I copied and pasted in just a few lines that had quotes with an em dash and the person’s name. Look at the one for Warlord Maru-Ashua that is doing the column thing! I can’t get that to stop. And If i try and type that whole section in by hand on a fresh set of lines some or all start doing the column thing again.


I believe this is a known issue that the team is aware of.