Time Zone Issue?

I am in Eastern Time zone, but whenever I schedule a story, it looks like it is (hopefully) reporting it on the website as Alaska Time zone? Below is a screen capture. I scheduled for Fridays at 2AM, but it shows as Thursdays at 10PM.


As an update to this, I had set up a schedule for noon (computer time) for today. I just logged in at 11:30 am and it is live, so I don’t know what it is doing, but it isn’t publishing when I tell it to, that’s for certain.


I operate on EST too, but I wouldn’t say this problem is a deal breaker, it would just be nice to see what time zone things are set in somewhere in the scheduler.

My problem is when I try to coordinate with other authors with sharing links or if I make a promise to share at a specific time. If we are cross promoting at a specific time, then it is possible some links won’t work. I have no way of knowing.

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I’m wondering if the folks at Ream have seen this? I was thinking of emailing support. It’s so confusing to try to set something to go live at a specific time in your time zone, but it saves as a completely different time and you don’t know which time zone it’s even saving for.


I’ve recreated my schedules with the brand new scheduler (fingers crossed it actually releases my chapters when it says it will), and it now shows the time that I put in.

In other words, the time I set (in my local time zone) is the same as the time I see that chapters will release in the schedules section.

This is great, although I’d love to have the timezone listed for my own neuroticism. Thanks, Ream team!


I actually responded to the email they sent about scheduling because I’m still confused. I know it shows the same time I put in, but is that my time it will release or the user’s time in their time zone?

It’s important to me since I’m in Berlin time zone. I’d like it to hit my reader’s email early in the morning, around 6:00 am, so I’d like to understand the scheduling time better.

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The scheduler shows me the time in relation to GMT (in my case GMT+8, because that’s my time zone).

Mine doesn’t show a +8 or anything. And even though it might show it while I’m scheduling, I don’t know if the time on the actual schedule time is mine or the subscribers. I’ll see what they have to say from my email.

Right, the time zone only shows up while you’re creating the schedule, not when you’re looking at the already created schedule. I checked the time on my story schedule and it’s what I set it at but there’s no timezone.

It’s possible the system saves the right time but the wrong timezone of the schedule. I never actually checked if my chapters released at the right time, only if they went out on the right day.